A photoluminescent safety way guidance system increases your chances of finding your way out of a building in the event of smoke, fire, or blackouts.

Photoluminescent safety way guidance systems and signs are powered by the surrounding lighting and will emit bright light in the darkness for several hours.


Firesafe supplies photoluminescent signs that can be used in most buildings to:

  • Mark important equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire hoses, and fire blankets.
  • Provide information on escape routes, muster points, emergency equipment, hazardous gases, stop valves, etc. 



Pilot project

Firesafe Trondheim has carried out a pilot project for a natural gas processing plant. 


The pilot project covers several substations, which use photoluminescent safety way guidance systems along all evacuation routes. 

In addition, all obstacles along the evacuation routes are clearly marked with photoluminescent lighting. 

Users regard this as a safer way to escape in the event of an accident. 

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Contact Information


Jon Erik Svegård

Technical Consultant
+47 918 15 960


Torben Lie

Department Manager
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