About Firesafe

About Firesafe

The original business was fire stopping of penetration systems in gypsum or concrete walls and floors. In the late 1980’s new buildings with steel structures became common, and Firesafe expanded into fire protection of the steel structures. In 1987 Firesafe established a subsidiary in Denmark in Aarhus and later in Copenhagen.

New fire regulations in Norway in 1991 clearly defined the building owner’s responsibility for fire safety in buildings, and Firesafe established their own fire engineering service to meet increasing demand for consultancy services.

In 2004 Firesafe acquired GPG Fire Systems in Sweden, the producer of GPG Fire Stopping mortar which also had contracting business in Stockholm and Lund. Firesafe later also acquired Bragab in Gothenburg and is now located in the major cities in Sweden.

Firesafe has experienced strong growth and increasing profitability the last years. The company is now market leader in the Nordic countries, particularly for passive fire protection. Since 2010 Firesafe has been owned by Morten Ameln, the company’s CEO since 2004. Over the years Firesafe has taken over several smaller companies with particular market areas or competencies within fire safety. In the fall of 2017 Kidde Sweden and Kidde Finland OY became part of the Firesafe group.

Firesafe now provides a complete range of services within fire safety from fire engineering, passive fire protection, fire doors, control and services, and sales of specialized products. Water mist, lead light systems, sprincler systems, fire detection and alarm, gas systems are some of the services Firesafe now offers.

Firesafe has also developed patented fire safe solutions for markets as tunnels, offshore and marine.

Today the Firesafe group has 800 employees in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Firesafe has strong ambitions of further growth through acquisitions and organic development. The company’s vision is for a safer society in the Nordic countries, and to actively contribute in increasing fire safety in our society.