FIRESAFE GPG Marine mortar

GPG Marine is a mortar applied to seal cable and pipe penetrations through fire barriers. GPG marine is a low-cost solution compared to traditional systems. The excellent fire-resistant properties combined with extraordinary heat absorbent qualities make the product an attractive choice as a fire sealant. When mixed with water the product becomes light green.

Depending on the water/powder ratio one can easily adjust to desired consistency (i.e. from “liquid to sticky paste”). New penetrations can be made in “old” material and resealed. It takes about 45-60 minutes to harden. The product has been tested for IMO-fire (e.g. A60, A0), HC-fire (e.g. H0, H60, H120), and jet-fire (up to 350kW/m2). GPG Marine is mainly developed for usage in marine, offshore, petroleum, or other process industries, which need to withstand high fire loads. GPG Marine has high resistance to water/humid exposure and is therefore well suited to a marine environment.

GPG Marine

GPG Marine instructional video