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Offshore / Marine / Exports

Offshore, marine and exports

Passive fire protection to the marine and offshore industries and exports.

Safety and regulations are key offshore and Firesafe comply to this. We offer a wide range of products for the oil & gas industry. One is the well proven and patented fire and blast bellow for maintaining fire barriers between decks on platforms.

Marine environments are characterized as corrosive and moist. In addition, a ship is often far from shore and it is important that critical components and products are of the highest quality if an accident or fire should occur.
Firesafe's marine products are of the highest quality and meet the strictest requirements.

GPG Marine is our fire proofing mortar which is tested and approved for hydro carbon (HC) fire, A0, A60 and jet-fire.

To ensure proper installation and knowledge we also offer a variety of services and trainings for both offshore and marine sectors.

Firesafe Energy is responsible for all sales of products and services from Firesafe AS outside Europe, including industries such as building services. We will handle all sales to all industries including those not related to offshore and marine, including but not limited to fire protection of land based buildings.

Companies in need of our services or companies interested in representing us in countries outside Europe should contact Firesafe Energy AS for further information.

Exports within Europe to industries and sectors other than those within Offshore and Marine are handled by the mother company, Firesafe AS.

All business related enquiries within Offshore and Marine are handled by Firesafe Energy AS.

Firesafe Energy AS
General Manager, Erik Ulevik

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